Salary negotiation can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure what to do or say. But it’s an essential part of building a successful career and getting paid what you’re worth. To help you navigate this process, here are some Dos and Don’ts of Salary Negotiation.


  1. Research the market: Before you even start talking numbers, do your research. Look at job postings for similar positions and see what the market rate is. Use online salary calculators or talk to recruiters to get an idea of what you can expect.
  2. Know your value: Understanding your worth is crucial when negotiating your salary. Consider your education, experience, and skillset and how they contribute to the company. Use this information to make a case for why you deserve the salary you’re asking for.
  3. Practice your pitch: Practice what you’re going to say ahead of time. Anticipate objections or questions that may come up and be prepared with answers. The more confident and prepared you are, the better the negotiation will go.
  4. Consider non-salary benefits: If the company can’t meet your salary expectations, consider negotiating other benefits such as a flexible schedule, more vacation time, or a signing bonus. These can add significant value to your compensation package.
  5. Be willing to walk away: If the company can’t meet your expectations, be prepared to walk away. It’s better to turn down an offer than to accept a low salary and be unhappy in your job.


  1. Don’t bring up salary too early: Don’t make salary the first thing you discuss in an interview. Focus on building rapport and discussing the position first. Wait until the company expresses interest in hiring you before bringing up salary.
  2. Don’t disclose your current salary: Don’t disclose your current salary unless absolutely necessary. This information can be used against you in negotiations. Instead, focus on your market value and the value you bring to the company.
  3. Don’t make it personal: Keep the negotiation professional and focused on the job. Don’t bring personal issues or emotions into the discussion.
  4. Don’t be unrealistic: Be realistic about your salary expectations. Don’t ask for a salary that’s significantly higher than the market rate or the company’s budget. Doing so can make you appear unprofessional and unreasonable.
  5. Don’t burn bridges: Even if the negotiation doesn’t go as planned, don’t burn bridges with the company. Be gracious and thank them for the opportunity. You never know when another opportunity may arise.


Salary negotiation is an important part of building a successful career, but it can be challenging. By following these Dos and Don’ts, you’ll be better equipped to negotiate a fair salary that reflects your worth and sets you up for success in the long run. Good luck!

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